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44 Best Memorex Mp3 Players in 2021 [Expert Picks]

Are you looking for a decent memorex mp3 players? To help you find the best option for your needs, I researched various products for 30 hours and after doing an in-depth analysis, here’s my list of best options of 2021.

It doesn’t matter what your usage needs are, I’ve made sure that my list includes the best-rated options that are highly suitable for diversified usage needs.

Although my focus has been on listing the right memorex mp3 players that are suitable for diversified needs, I’ve also added a short description, purchase links which should help you make an informed purchase decision.

Before making this list, I also interviewed 47 people who have been using a memorex mp3 players for years and found out important aspects to consider. After doing all of it, I also read customer reviews and made sure that the products I’ve picked are high quality.

44 Best memorex mp3 players in 2021

Purchasing the most expensive memorex mp3 players isn’t the best solution always. Because at times even they miss out the features you need the most. That’s why I always suggest my readers to first ascertain your needs and make sure that the option you’ve picked is able to fulfill it.

Also, I know that the title says that you’ll find the “Best” option but in actuality, you’ll be finding the “Best” memorex mp3 players for diversified usage needs and budgets. Thereby, even if your budget is less, you can check out the products at the bottom.

1. Memorex MMP8550-WHT 256MB USB 2.0 MP3 Player (Silver) -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Up to 10 hours playback time
  • Memorex MMP8550-WHT 256 MB USB 2.0 MP3 Digital Audio Player General Features: Silver design
  • Plays 120 WMA songs at 64 kbps for over 8 hours of music
  • Mass storage compliance with Plug and Play function Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • 256 MB flash memory Plays 60 MP3 songs at 128 kbps for over 4 hours of music

2. Memorex MPD8507CP Personal CD/MP3 Player with 120 Seconds of MP3 Anti-Skip Protection -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • 45-second anti-shock protection
  • Repeat/resume functions
  • MP3-CD/CD-RW playback with ID3 tag recognition
  • Includes car kit (does not include household AC adapter)
  • 4-line LCD

5. Memorex MMP8570 512MB USB 2.0 MP3 Player w/FM (Silver/Black) -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • 87.5 – 108 MHz FM frequency range Backlit LCD display
  • Plays 253 WMA songs at 64 kbps for over 17 hours of music
  • Memorex MMP8570 512 MB USB 2.0 MP3 Player w/FM General Features: Silver and black design
  • 512 MB flash memory with an expandable SD/MMC card slot up to 512 MB Digital FM tuner
  • Plays 123 MP3 songs at 128 kbps for over 8 hours of music

6. Memorex MPD8610-07 Personal CD/MP3 Player with Backlit LCD Screen (Ice Purple) -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Portable CD player with MP3 CD, CD-R, and CD-RW playback
  • Packet-write and multi-session support for greater flexibility in your MP3 CD burning
  • 45-second ASP (CD mode), 120-second ESP (MP3 mode)
  • MP3 search by subject/title/artist, 21-track programming, random and repeat play
  • Includes blue, 4-line LCD, stereo headphones

7. Memorex 2G MP3 Player with FM Radio -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Digital Audio Player
  • Screen Features: LCD Display
  • Compatible with Microsoft PlaysForSure
  • Stores Approximately 500 Songs
  • Additional Functions: FM Tuner

9. Memorex MVD2040-FLR Progressive Scan DVD Player with Built-in MP3 Decoder -Electronics

By Memorex

  • 16:9/4:3 Picture Select
  • Dolby Digital Output
  • Multi-Angle Menu
  • On-Screen Graphical User Interface
  • Mid-Size, Progressive Scan Dvd/Cd Player

10. Memorex MVD2040-BLK Progressive scan DVD player with built-in MP3 decoder -Electronics

By Memorex

  • TV Guardian language filter ready*
  • On-screen graphical user interface
  • Slow motion function ( 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16)
  • Multi-angle menu and Zoom function
  • 16:9 / 4:3 picture select

11. Memorex MP3 Digital Audio Player 128MB with Expandable SD/MMC Card Slot -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • 128MB with expandable SD/MMC card slot
  • Musicmatch / Jukebox software CD
  • USB Interface
  • Sport ear bud headphones
  • MP3/WMA Compatible

12. Bluetooth CD/MP3 Boombox AM/FM Tuner with Digital Display Memorex MP3451BLK – Black -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Auxiliary Input; Battery-Operated; Headphone Jack
  • Top-loading CD/MP3 File on Disc Player
  • Play from Multiple Sources of Audio; Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • AM/FM Tuner with Digital Display

15. 4GB Video Enabled MP3 Player -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Built-in 4GB flash memory
  • 2000 songs at 64kbps for over 128 hours of WMA music
  • MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM (WMA protected files), MPEG-4, and JPEG file playback
  • Includes Stereo ear bud headphones, Music management software CD, USB cable, User manual & warranty card
  • 1000 songs at 128kbps for over 64 hours of MP3 music

16. Memorex Progressive Scan DVD Player LED Display MVD2023 -Electronics

By Memorex

  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Full function remote control
  • Component and S-Video Outputs
  • DVD, Audio CD, CD-R,/-RW, MP3 CD Playback

17. Spongebob Media Player 1G Silv -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Additional Functions: Video Viewer
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Language Support in English
  • Reads MP3
  • MP3 and WMA Playback
  • Requires: USB Cable
  • Screen Features: Graphical User Interface, 2.2″ Display, Color, QVGA
  • Features: 1GB Flash Memory
  • 4.2 x .8 x 2.3 “
  • Includes Earbuds
  • Stores Approximately 500 Songs
  • Battery Lasts Up to 15.0 Hr.
  • Modes: Play
  • Other Features: EQ Presets

18. Memorex MP3451 Am FM Bluetooth CD Boombox -Electronics

By Memorex

  • Headphone jack plugs in your personal ear buds or headphones for private listening enjoyment through 35mm Audio cable (not included).
  • Top-loading CD player to play CD/CD-R/CD-RW and MP3 files on discs.
  • Auxiliary input to connects and amplify music from portable Audio players.
  • AM/FM tuner with digital display to select your favorite radio station for news, sports, music and more.
  • Battery operated for complete portability Boombox runs on 6 C batteries (not included).

20. Memorex Progressive Scan DVD Player -Electronics

By Memorex

  • Dolby Digital surround sound
  • Built-in MP3 Decoder
  • Progressive Scan DVD/VCD/CD Player
  • S-Video and Component output, DTS digital output (coaxial)
  • CD-R/CD-RW playback, Photo CD readable

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21. Memorex Portable CD Boombox with AM FM Radio -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Top-loading CD player with programmable memory
  • Stereo AM/FM radio
  • 6 C batteries
  • Audio CD, CD-R/-RW playback

23. miniMove Mi3X Player Dock/Radio -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Backlit LCD display
  • Digital FM radio with station presets
  • Powers and charges your iPod devices with docking capability (during AC operation)
  • Connect non-docking iPod devices, CD players, and other MP3 players via line-in jack
  • Equalizer presets

24. Memorex Portable CD Boombox -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Full function LCD display with text display
  • AC/DC operation and uses 6 “C” batteries sold separately.
  • Analog AM/FM radio with digital display and top loading CD player.
  • Programmable CD memory
  • Audio CD, CD-R/-RW playback

25. Minimove Portable Boombox Silv -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Powers and charges your iPod|Digital FM radio with station presets|Equalizer presets|Backlit LCD display|Connect non-docking iPod devices, CD players, and other MP3 players via line-in jack|Uses 4 “”AA”” batteries (sold separately)|30-pin dock connector|Line-in jack|Headphone jack|Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone (1st generation), iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation), iPod nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generation), iPod classic, and iPod with video

26. Memorex Stereo Earbuds – Teal Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Driver Dia: 9Mm
  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Designed In Stylish Metallic Colors
  • Includes 3 Sets Of Silicone Tips (S, M, L)

27. Spongebob Digital Player 1GB -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • 1GB flash memory
  • 250 songs at 128kbps for over 16 hours of MP3 music
  • MP3/WMA compatible with secure WMA (DRM9) playback
  • Music Mixer lets you shake the player to blend sound effects with music when activated
  • 500 songs at 64kbps for over 32 hours of WMA music

29. Memorex Stereo Earbuds – Hot Pink (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Designed In Stylish Metallic Colors
  • Driver Dia: 9Mm
  • Includes 3 Sets Of Silicone Tips (S, M, L)
  • Sleek, Compact Design

30. Memorex 98251 CD/DVD Writer 8x- External -Boomboxes

By Memorex

  • Optional trial software included
  • Auto-detect software
  • 8x DVD write speed
  • Multi format
  • 2.0 USB inerface

33. Memorex 2GB Digital Audio Player -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Large, white backlit LCD display , 7-line display

34. Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System,Silver/Black -Electronics

By Memorex

  • 59 inches tall when extended to full length and its base measures 12 inches in diameter; convenient cord management clip is included so you can easily contain wires and prevent them from interfering with your performance
  • Instrument input compatible with a variety of instruments; practice your favorite songs on electric guitar or keyboard or support the singer with musical accompaniment during Karaoke sessions; features two microphone inputs (one microphone included)
  • Built-in auto voice controls (avc) which amplifies your vocals to achieve just the right Ratio between the music and your voice; avc ensures that the song’s original vocals are dampened when you’re singing so you can hear yourself loud and clear
  • Built-in stereo 5-watt speakers deliver clear, crisp audio; built into the singstand’s base, speakers are designed to project sound to every corner of your room and they can double as a speaker system for your MP3 player or tablet
  • Singstand 2 can connect to any audio device equipped with a headphone jack; using the input and included cords, you can access music and videos from tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, and more; Built-in cradle holds your device while you hold a microphone

35. Memorex Stereo Earbuds – Light Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Designed In Stylish Metallic Colors
  • Driver Dia: 9Mm
  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Includes 3 Sets Of Silicone Tips (S, M, L)

36. Memorex EC100 Over The Ear Active Series -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Driver Dia: 14Mm
  • Designed For Active Lifestyles
  • Adjustable Ear Clips For Secure Fit
  • Comfortable and Lightweight Design

37. Memorex MVD4540 DVD-VCR Dual-Deck Player -Electronics

By Memorex

  • DTS Digital Output
  • Slow Motion and Zoom Function
  • Dual Deck VCR / DVD Combo, MP-3 Decoder
  • Surround Sound, 181 Ch Tuner, Front AV Jacks
  • S Video/ Component Out

38. Memorex EB300-A In-Ear Earbuds (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Gold-Plated Mini Plug
  • Ultra-Compact 10Mm and 14Mm Drivers
  • Patented Soundelity Eartips Self-Conform To Each User’S Unique Ear Canal Shapes, Offering A Personal Fit For Extended Wear Comfort
  • Eartips Offer Superior Passive Noise Blocking

39. Memorex MiniMove Portable Boombox for iPod -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Uses 4 “AA” batteries (sold separately)
  • Digital FM radio with station presets
  • Powers and charges your iPod devices with docking capability (during AC operation)
  • Connect CD players, MP3 players and other media devices via line-in jack
  • 30-pin dock connector and headphone jack

40. Memorex WR100 Over The Ear Active Series (Discontinued by Manufacturer) -MP3 & MP4 Players

By Memorex

  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Adjustable ear clips for secure fit – Form fitting, adjustable ear clips provide maximum comfort, even when worn for extended periods
  • Form fitting adjustable ear clips
  • Combines water-resistance and superior comfort
  • Designed for active lifestyles

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42. Memorex Personal CD Player with Anti Skip -Earbud Headphones

By Memorex

  • Bass Boost System
  • 60-sec Shock Protection In Cd Mode
  • Side Mounted LCD Display

The Brands & Sellers

Before writing this post, I did huge research to find reputable brands and sellers who manufactured the best memorex mp3 players. I did it because a product from such brands/sellers would have better customer support, global support, and better warranty options. Based on my research, here are the best brands/sellers.

The Buyer’s Guide

Although the main goal of this post is to help you find the finest memorex mp3 players option in the market, I’ve added this buyer’s guide to further assist you in finding out the important factors to consider when purchasing.

1. Your Requirements vs Features

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a memorex mp3 players is to make sure that it has all the features you need. Also, make sure that it’s capable of doing all the things you want it to do. But, how? Well, I’ve included the notable features and tasks that can be achieved.

In some cases I might’ve not added all the features, the best way to know the offering in that case would be to check out the product listing or find individual reviews and check if the option you’ve chosen is capable of handling all your requirements.

2. The Price

If it wasn’t for budget, everyone would’ve bought the most prime option, but in a real world, all our purchases are restricted by our budget. Although, it’s important to stick to it, if you’re missing out some important features which are important to you, then it could be a bad decision. That’s why I always suggest you first make a list of requirements and then set a budget.

3. Brands / Seller Support (Customer Support, Product Quality.)

One of the reasons why branded memorex mp3 players are slightly priced more than unbranded options is because of the additional value they add. When you purchase from a reputed brand/seller, you get better customer support, global warranties (in some cases), and the product quality is exceptional.

4. Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to judge a product is looking at the reviews and that stands true in the case of memorex mp3 players too. But how? Well, for all the products I’ve mentioned in this list, I’ve added a purchase link, you can click on it and you’ll find their ratings, click on it and you’ll be able to read the reviews.

5. Individual Website Reviews

I don’t often do in-depth individual reviews, but individuals who make videos or blog posts about their experience with the memorex mp3 players they bought. You can just make a search for the product model and add the term “review” behind it to find a few of them. Read them to get more clarity.

6. Consult Professionals or Existing users

One of the things I personally believe is that memorex mp3 players experts or existing users have better knowledge about it. It’s because they either know a lot about the industry or have been using the model for a long time. The good thing is, I’ve already done a huge research by interviewing such people before making this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best memorex mp3 players to consider in 2021?

According to me, the best memorex mp3 players to consider this year is the , because 94% of the people I interviewed, voted for it as the best option.

Which is the most expensive memorex mp3 players and is it worth it?

The Voice Recorder, 8GB Digital Audio Sound Recorder Dictaphone, Digital Voice Activated Recorder with MP3 Player,High-Sensitivity Dual Microphone, Multifunctional Rechargeable Recorder for Lectures is the most expensive option. It comes from a reputed brand and has additional features. If budget isn’t an issue, one should surely consider it.

Which is the cheapest memorex mp3 players and should you buy it?

The Memorex Stereo Earbuds – Teal Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer) is among the cheapest memorex mp3 players available. It’s cheap, but has notable features, if you’re planning to get it, make sure that it has all the features you’re looking for.

Is it safe to purchase a memorex mp3 players online?

This is a question I get a lot, the answer to it is – Online shopping experience depends on the website you’re purchasing from, that’s why make sure that the website you’re shopping is trustworthy. In our case, I’ve already added links to Amazon which is a very reliable eCommerce website.

What’s the average amount spent by people for a memorex mp3 players?

Based on my experience, the average amount spent by the majority of the people is around 48. Also, based on my experience, 99 spend this much when purchasing a memorex mp3 players.

The Verdict

The in-depth buyer’s guide has finally come to an end, I hope that I’ve helped you find the perfect memorex mp3 players for your usage. I’ve tried to make this list as diversified as possible by including options that are suited for diversified needs and in different price ranges.

In case you’re still unable to decide the right memorex mp3 players for your needs, feel free to contact me or comment below, I’ll try to solve your query or help you find one within 24 hours of reading your message/mail.

Also, if you liked the guide and find it helpful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This way, I get to help more people and you get to help your friends and family.