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46 Best Fish Tank Decorations in 2021 [Expert Picks]

Are you looking for a decent fish tank decorations? To help you find the best option for your needs, I researched various products for 95 hours and after doing an in-depth analysis, here’s my list of best options of 2021.

It doesn’t matter what your usage needs are, I’ve made sure that my list includes the best-rated options that are highly suitable for diversified usage needs.

Although my focus has been on listing the right fish tank decorations that are suitable for diversified needs, I’ve also added a short description, purchase links which should help you make an informed purchase decision.

Before making this list, I also interviewed 41 people who have been using a fish tank decorations for years and found out important aspects to consider. After doing all of it, I also read customer reviews and made sure that the products I’ve picked are high quality.

46 Best fish tank decorations in 2021

Purchasing the most expensive fish tank decorations isn’t the best solution always. Because at times even they miss out the features you need the most. That’s why I always suggest my readers to first ascertain your needs and make sure that the option you’ve picked is able to fulfill it.

Also, I know that the title says that you’ll find the “Best” option but in actuality, you’ll be finding the “Best” fish tank decorations for diversified usage needs and budgets. Thereby, even if your budget is less, you can check out the products at the bottom.

1. Penn-Plax Officially Licensed Nickelodeon SpongeBob Aquarium Ornament – SpongeBob’s Pineapple House – Perfect for Fish to Swim In and Around – Full Color 6″ Decoration -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This ornament is great for anyone who loves the hit Nickelodeon show, SpongeBob! Enjoy the magical world of Bikini Bottom within your fish tank
  • Get creative!
  • MEASUREMENTS OF SPONGE BOB’S HOUSE: The ornament measures approximately 5 inches tall, so it will fit easily in almost any home fish tank
  • Get creative! You can use this product as a centerpiece, cake topper, or paperweight for fans of the show.
  • MADE OF SAFE AND DURABLE RESIN: Ornament is inspected with your fish’s safety in mind, and is safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • It is designed to be the perfect accent to any aquarium regardless of the size
  • MEASUREMENTS: SpongeBob’s Pineapple House measures approximately 6” (H) x 3” (Dia)
  • It will fit easily in almost any fish tank sitting at home
  • It’s designed to be the perfect accent to any aquarium, regardless of size
  • SUPER SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Simply wipe down and rinse off the ornament with warm water when you are cleaning out your tank
  • BRING THE WORLD OF SPONGEBOB HOME: Perfect for adults and children! This fun aquarium decoration will add magic instantly to your tank! Most small and medium fish can fit inside, allowing them to swim in and around it
  • This helps reduce fish boredom!
  • Great way to help teach a child about pets.
  • Never use soap, as the residual soap particles can harm your fish.
  • The ornament has a sturdy base: you don’t need to worry about it floating around once you place it underwater.

2. JIH Aquarium Fish Tank Plastic Plants and Cave Rock Decorations Decor Set 7 Pieces, Small and Large Artificial Fish Tank Plants with Cave Rock (CU89Red-7) -Ornaments


  • The rock adds natural environment to your aquarium landscaping
  • The fish tank plants will neither fade nor create pollution to the water, which will provide a comfortable and clean living environment for the fish.
  • 6 pieces plastic plants in different colors and sizes (2.36 ~ 8 inch)
  • Made of resin, realistic texture, no smell and safe for freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • The aquarium aquatic fish tank decorations are easy to use, just soak in water for 10-15 minutes before use, and then put in the fish tank to make a nice arrangement according to your creativity and imagination, provide a comfy and interesting environment for your fishes
  • 1 piece resin Cave Rock (4×4.6 inch)
  • The plastic aquarium plants are soft and no sharp edges, it won’t hurt your fish

3. EVIWILL 16 Pieces Aquarium Decorations Coral Castle Fish Tank Decorations Accessories Betta Fish Cave Hideout Barrel Plastic Plants Artificial Starfish Ornament Anemone -Pet Supplies


  • Sturdy and no odor
  • MaterialThis set of fish tank decoration are mainly made of resin and plastic materials
  • Easy to collocateIn order to make it easier for you to have a beautiful fish tank decoration, we have configured some colorful basic decorations
  • 16-pieces Aquarium Decorations Theme Set1 Castle (5.5 x 5.1 x 2.7in), 2 broken Barrels (2 x 1.8 x 1.8in), 1 starfishe (1.58 x 1.58in), 12 Different height plastic plants ( Various heights : 8.3 / 4.7 / 3.6 / 3.2 / 2 in).
  • You also can easily use the castle and buckets with something else to create a different environment for your fishes.
  • UniqueThese the colorful and various aquarium ornaments which not only bring unique beauty to your fish tank, but also provide a realistic underwater environment and hiding place for the fish.
  • They are all safe materials, which will not affect fish and water quality, long-term use will not fade.
  • Easy to clean When you clean the fish tank, please use clean wate to wipe the castle, buckets, starfish and plastic plants.

4. QZQ 14 Pack Aquarium Fish Tank Decorations Accessories Decor Set Aquarium Decorations Include Resinous Rockery Barrel Hideouts Coral Aquarium Plants and Resin Starfish and Other -Ornaments


  • 14 items: This product consists of natural Aquarium Decorations resin materials rockery *1, wine barrel *1, starfish*2, aquarium plants*10 (including different sizes, various styles, various colors).

  • It’s an amusement park for them.

  • After-sales worry:In order to give you a better customer experience, if you have any questions, please contact us, we promise to reply to you within 24 hours.

  • For other Aquarium Decorations, place them in a bowl full of water and stir until the surface is clean.

  • Fish can pass freely
  • Bring your pet fish a beautiful underwater world, more interesting, and happier life
  • Multiple sizes: Resin rockery :4.13 * 4.33 inches, 1 fragmentary barrel :1.57 * 3.14 inches, 2 starfish :1.57x 1.57 inches, 1 coral :1.57*2.36 inches, 8 simulated aquarium plants :1.2*3.54-1.2*4.92 inches, 1 large plant :1.2* 12.2 inches.

  • The aquarium plants are very soft
  • And it is very easy to be cleaned
  • Safe and easy to clean: All products are made of 100% safe materials, no irritant smell, no harm to water for Fish Tank 

  • Just wipe and rinse the rockery, wine barrel and starfish
  • Wide range of usage: In order to save your time, we match a variety of styles, sizes and colors of aquarium products which can be placed in different sizes of aquarium Decorations, house, office and other places of Fish Tank, aquarium

5. Fish Tank Decorations, Multi Design Optional, Resin Aquarium Ornament, Creative Betta Fish Hide Cave for Aquarium Decorations, Wine Barrel,Robot Dog, Wood House, Castle, HobbitOr More -Pet Supplies


  • This is the walking tank that the Empire used to destroy its rebel Allies.
  • REST ASSURED MATERIALMade of resin premium material, suitable for fresh water and salt water ,Carefully crafted,Also it won’t fade when the time goes long.
  • Seems to be driving it
  • Suitable for 5-20 gallon aquariums Vivid and detailed colors add lively and natural life to your fish tank.
  • 〖STORY ORIGIN〗: Do you think this is a robot dog? Correction, it’s more like the At-at Walker of Movie story
  • 〖CLEVER DESIGN〗: The robot dog has a cave design on its abdomen
  • 〖SUITABLE SIZE〗: The aquarium landscaping ornament is made of high material, it is durable and safe
  • The edge of the cave is smoothly processed, and the fish can swim in the cave with confidence
  • Rest assured purchase – we Support no reason to return and money back.Feel free to contact us with any questions we are here to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

6. RA AquaTech Underwater Sand Waterfall Aquarium Decoration Large -Pet Supplies

By RA AquaTech

  • Size: 7″x 7″x 11″tall
  • For freshwater or pond use
  • 8 watts pump, waterfall sand & all accessaries included
  • 100% aquarium safe resin material

7. MUNLIT 2 PCS Stackable Aquarium Decoration Rock Caves, Betta Fish Hideout House, Fish Tank Accessories Cave, Hideaway for Shrimp Cichlid Cave Hiding Breeding Spawning -Pet Supplies


  • It is safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • The rock caves allowed to stop in for a visit or a hideaway to rest or hide reducing stress and minimizing aggression
  • Two Fish Caves Size: The small size is 3.27 x 2.64 x 2.16 inch; The large size is 4.33 x 3.15 x 2.16 inch
  • Imitate the natural stone texture to create a more natural visual effect
  • Never use soap, as the residual soap particles can harm your fish
  • Natural Aquarium Caves: The aquarium cave is made of ceramic with the function of filtering water, with very flat and smooth edges,, and definitely very safe for your fish
  • Easy To Clean: Simply wipe down and rinse off ornament with warm water
  • Aquarium Decoration Rocks: This hideaway cave provide visual feast for you and a “house” for your fish
  • Provide natural environment feeling, vivid and detailed colors to add lively life to your aquarium
  • Practical Decorations Cave: The hollow caves not only does this piece compliment the interior décor of many modern homes, it also provide shelter, hiding spots, and spawning, privacy for your fish, like Crayfish, Shrimps, Betta, Cichlid, Hermit Crabs, or other Small fish

8. SpringSmart Aquarium Hideaway Rock Cave for Aquatic Pets to Breed, Play and Rest, Safe and Non-Toxic Ceramic Fish Tank Ornaments, Decor Stone for Betta -Pet Supplies

By SpringSmart

  • —A cute decorative piece, get it to create a natural and living environment for your fish tank.
  • —Suitable for small fishes, easy to clean, good for nitrifying bacteria reproduction which can help to improve water.
  • —Ceramic material with granite pattern, safe and non-toxic for fishes
  • No Fading, No smell.
  • Betta, shrimp, guppy, snail…will love it.
  • —No sharp or rough edges, no worry on scraping fins.
  • —This hideaway stone is a good cave for fishes to breed, play and rest

9. CousDUoBe Artificial Aquatic Plants 11 Pcs Small Aquarium Plants Artificial Fish Tank Decorations,Used for Household and Office Aquarium Simulation Plastic Hydroponic Plants -Pet Supplies

By CousDUoBe

  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface is also very easy to wipe and keep clean
  • There are 11 different styles, different colors of plants, the height is about 12 to 16 cm.
  • Please rinse it and soak for more than 4 hours!
  • With the water swaying, the simulation plants create a true underwater world for the fish.
  • Ceramic base is more stable, plastic plant odorless, rust-free, does not affect the water quality in the tank.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – in order to give you a better customer experience we promises a full refund to any dissatisfied customers.

10. Aquarium Artificial Plastic Plants Decoration, Pink Cherry Blossom Tree & Grass Aquarium Decor, Goldfish Tank Decorations Set, Betta Fish Tank Hides Complete Tree Decoration Kit(Pink -Ornaments

By Ameliade

  • Replicate the natural environment, once it’s in the tank you can’t even tell it’s made of plastic
  • they won’t die or become tattered and unattractive
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – in order to give you a better customer experience we promise a full refund to any dissatisfied customers.
  • Aquarium plastic plants are made of eco-free non-toxic PVC materials
  • Each plant has its own anchor base for holding it in the gravel bed.
  • they don’t need any pruning and will stay beautiful alone.
  • They can swim and hide through the leaves.
  • They are absolutely safe for fish, they won’t die, rot or cause any algae problems,won’t contaminate water, color won’t fade.
  • Soft, won’t scratch fishes, the plant will swing with the water which looks real, could be planted both in freshwater and seawater
  • Your fish will enjoy the environment that these tall plants provide
  • Unlike live plants, fish tank plastic artificial plants don’t need specialized lighting and other substrates

11. Oubest Fish Tank Rocks Glow Blue/Glow in The Dark Pebbles for Garden/Fish Tank/Aquarium/Plant Pots/Bonsai Walkway/Driveway 100pcs -Decorative Rocks

By Oubest

  • When applying, do not stack stones on top of each other.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Glow stones absorb and store light and then when in darkness they give off light, with 2-3 hours of bright glow and then gradually dim away
  • NON-RADIOACTIVE & NON-TOXIC: Made of long-afterglow luminous powder, polystyrene resin, which are non-toxic and do not contain any radioactive elements.
  • WARM TIPS: The darker the surrounding and the more exposure to visible light, the more bright glow can be seen
  • They can repeat this process for 15 years.
  • VERSATILE DECOR: In darkness, they glow and help to show walkway, path, driveway, floor, or decorate garden, aquarium, fish tank, plant pots, bonsai.
  • PRODUCING SPECIAL EFFECTS: With the dreamlike glow in darkness, they could produce special effects.

12. Uniclife 6 Pcs Glowing Jellyfish Ornament Decoration for Aquarium Fish Tank -Pet Supplies

By Uniclife

  • NOT “GLOWING IN THE DARK”: The Glowing Effect will only happen under actinic lighting, blue or purple light is recommended.
  • HARMLESS TO YOUR FISH: Made of Eco-friendly silicone material, nontoxic, odorless and durable.
  • WORLD OF 6 COLORS: Measures 2 x 5 inches
  • Package included: 6 x Artificial Jellyfish of Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink, and Yellow.
  • IDEAL DECORATION: Floating freely and graceful incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish.
  • EASY TO MAKE IT ALIVE: Just fix suction cup, it attaches by thin invisible line.

13. AnxunJim Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration, Pineapple House, Spongebob House, Crab Restaurant and Krusty Krab Decorations -Pet Supplies

By AnxunJim

  • Packing: wrapped in bubble bags and packed in kraft paper cartons to prevent damage
  • Easy installation: Just clean and put this accessory into our aquarium to instantly change your aquarium landscape.
  • You can receive the accessories.
  • Material: environmentally friendly resin.
  • SpongeBob House, squid hiding place and hand-painted Krusty Krabdecorations, Pineapple House ,cunning tentacles hiding,chum bucket decorations.
  • Dimensions: Pineapple House 3.15″ x 2.95″ x 3.15″, cunning tentacles hiding 3.15x 3.15x 5.78 inches, Cruise Craber 3.74 x 2.36 x 3.34 inches, chum bucket 3.15 x 3.35x 5.9 inches, suitable for medium and large fish tanks.

14. Penn-Plax Castle Aquarium Decoration Hand Painted with Realistic Details Over 14.5 Inches High Part A -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • This aquarium decoration features a large grey castle perched upon a rocky hill with a flowing waterfall underneath
  • Made of safe durable resin, this aquarium decoration is hand painted with detail and is safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • The cone shaped roof, archways, and stone details give a realistic feel.
  • This castle provides visual interest for you and your fish
  • Castle is doubled sided and can be placed anywhere in your fish tank.
  • This aquarium ornament measures 12.8 inches across by 14.8 inches high by 8 inches deep
  • Holes provide hideaways for your fish to rest and passageways to reduce boredom.
  • Can be used alone or coordinate this castle with style RRW10 Part B to create a large 2 piece underwater kingdom for larger fish tanks.

15. Uniclife Aquarium Volcano Ornament Kit with Air Stone Bubbler Fish Tank Decorations -Pet Supplies

By Uniclife

  • Creating an “underwater volcano eruption” effect to make a wonderful landscape view for your aquariums up to 60 gallons
  • Waterproof red LED spotlight can add a beautiful extra effect of erupting volcano especially at night
  • AIR PUMP NOT INCLUDED! What You Get: Resin volcano ornament, Red LED light, power adapter and 1 air stone.
  • Volcano Size: 6.7 x 4 inch (D*H)
  • Hand-painted vivid volcano is made of resin which is safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and totally harmless to your fish
  • Air stone can dissolve more air into water and provide oxygen for fish to breathe while attached to an air pump (NOT Included).

16. Penn-Plax Wizard’s Castle Aquarium Decoration Hand Painted With Realistic Details 10 Inches High, Multi-Color (RRW8), 1 Count (Pack of 1) -Pet Supplies

By Penn-Plax

  • This castle provides visual interest for you and your fish
  • Holes provide hideaways for your fish to rest and passageways to reduce boredom
  • Made of safe durable resin, this aquarium decoration is hand painted with detail and is safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • This aquarium decoration features a large grey castle perched upon a rocky hill
  • The cone shaped roof, archways, and stone details give a realistic feel
  • This aquarium ornament is 8 inches wide by 10.2 inches high by 6.2 inches deep
  • Castle is doubled sided and can be placed anywhere in your fish tank

18. PTFJZ Fish Tank Decorations – Aquarium Ornament Robot Dog Decor Betta Fish Toys Hidden Cave Accessories Adornment from Star Wars (Big) -Pet Supplies


  • DETALIS The fish tank ornament is carefully made, and the color and texture are very lifelike
  • You can easily glimpse your fish slot
  • The material is non-toxic, non-polluting, stable, not easy to damage, not easy to stain, can be stored forever, no special maintenance requirements, no fading, easy to clean
  • SIZE Approximately: 8.7×5.2×9.3 inches, most suitable for the adornment of aquariums above 10 gallons
  • MATERIALS SAFETYThe fish tank accessories is made of environmentally friendly resin materials and can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums
  • This aquarium decorations will not affect the pH in the water tank, it is also safe for fish, and will not rot or cause algae problems
  • APPEARANCEThe robot dog decoration is inspired by the AT-AT armored walking machine in the movie “Star Wars”
  • To avoid fish injuries, there are no sharp edges on the surface of the aquarium ornaments
  • Please rest assured to use it.
  • Suitable for small aquarium pets smaller than 5 inches, such as betta, hermit crab, crayfish, sucker fish, guppy, etc.
  • Fake moss makes it blend better with other decorations of the aquarium, adding more scenery to the aquarium, and your fish will enjoy more fun through the decoration of robot dog.
  • This is a very cool aquarium décor thematic ornaments, which walks on the bottom of the sea like a huge armored cavalry, ruling the entire ocean world.
  • It can be placed anywhere in the aquarium
  • There are 3 holes on both sides of the sculpture, which can be used for fish passage or spawning rest.
  • USEThe bottom of the aquarium accessories is flat, which can be stably placed on the bottom of the tank without floating

19. PINVNBY Natural Aquarium Driftwood Assorted Branches Reptile Ornament for Fish Tank Decoration Pack of 3 -Pet Supplies


  • Authentic natural wood adds realistic beauty.Unique shapes that adds to the aesthetic value of the tank
  • Nocturnal fish,ghost shrimp and smaller fish like a driftwood shelter for hiding
  • Your driftwood will quickly become the focal point of your aquarium decor
  • Package included 3pcs driftwood Each piece is unique and hand selected, Sizes varies from 4.5 to 9.5 inches in length.Each pieces are carefully selected, the pictures shown are only some of the
  • Made of high grade driftwood, solid and durable, long lasting in underwater or arid environments
  • Light weight, sturdy branch is perfect for decoration and reptiles to climb on.It can also used to create moss tree in the fish tank;also, perfect for home garden landscape design!

20. NICREW Aquarium Volcano Ornament Kit, Bubbler Decorations for Fish Tank, Aquarium Bubbling with Multi-Color LEDs -Pet Supplies


  • Each kit contains one decoration, bubble maker with build-in LED light, tube and power adapter, pump is NOT included
  • Easy to set up, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium with this exciting and unique aquarium decoration
  • It fits for most aquariums,fish tanks, pools and other similar occasions
  • Multi-colored LEDs light changing colors slowly, make a wonderful view of your aquarium
  • Adds beneficial bubbles to the aquarium water, help circulate the water and improve the living conditions for your fish

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21. TEEMO Aquarium Groot Air Bubbler Decorations, Air Bubbler Decorations for Fish Tank. -Pet Supplies


  • FISH TANK BUBBLER – The lovely Aquarium Decoration make your aquarium looks vividly and creates aboundant oxygen to your tank
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY-Made of high quality environmental protection resin,non-toxic and safe
  • All the product was carefully check before its packaged.
  • Its excellent air bubbler for your aquarium and fish tank.
  • SIZE– Groot Height about 10cm( 3.9 inch), Max.diameter of pot mouth is 4cm ( 1.57inch)Attention: If you find out the deco cannot sit straight in the water, most of time because it contains some air with it
  • UPGRADED FISH TANK ACCESSORIES – Updated version contain 1 groot bubbler, 10 feet pipe and, 2 suction cups, 1 check valve, 1 T-connector and 1 air control valve.Crafted with great attention to detail,Resin material is stable so it can stand steadily
  • No special maintenance requirements and is easy to clean.
  • We make sure it wont bring any side-effect to your tank
  • Try again.
  • Put it under water for about 15 mins, let the air come out and absorb some water into it
  • LONG LIFE— Made from PVC, not easy to damage, gray color is not easy to dirty, you can collect it forever, if you accidentally broke it, no worries, a little glue can make it immediately restored,the irregular design hide glue traces well

22. PINVNBY Coral Aquarium Decoration Fish Tank Resin Rock Mountain Cave Ornaments Betta Fish House for Betta Sleep Rest Hide Play Breed -Pet Supplies


  • The Coral Aquarium are 3 holes on the Rock fish decor, your lovely pet betta or other smaller fish would be super happy to go in and out the trunk cave to sleep, rest, hide, play, breed
  • The Colorful Coral Aquarium Decoration is Medium Size: 6.3”H*4.7”L*4.7”W,Great for fish tank decorations, model making,terrarium, marine aquariums, mini garden, fairy garden, gnome garden.
  • The Colorful Coral Aquarium Decoration make your aquarium looks vividly,add to natural color and a beautiful scenery
  • Solid one piece construction, it features aeration holes and swim-through chambers, provides a place for nitrifying photosynthetic bacteria to attach, make a healthy environment for your fish pets.
  • It doesn’t pose harm to your aquatic animals nor create any ill impact on water quality.
  • Coral decoration made of high quality environmental protection resin,non-toxic and safe,have a supper performance underwater,suit for all terrariums, aquariums, freshwater & saltwater
  • Also is an excellent hiding cave for fish to play, add more fun to their lives and helps to relieve stress.

23. Penn-Plax OJ3 Action Aqua Aquarium Decoration Ornament | Sunken Ship with Plant | Great Detail and Action | Fun Decor for Any Tank -Pet Supplies

By Pen Plax

  • Penn-Plax is a family-owned company in operation since 1959
  • ACTION-AIR Aerating Aquarium Ornaments
  • We specialize in creating excellent pet supplies for animals both great and small.
  • Ship stands 4″ high.
  • Classic aerating ornaments PLUS a FREE Aqua-Plant!
  • They revolve, bubble, open, close and move! Incredible detail!.

24. LanTulla Large Aquarium Decorations, Betta Fish Tank Accessories Decorations with Rocks and Plastic Plants, Beta Fish Tank Decor Set for Fish Aquarium Ornaments -Ornaments

By LanTulla

  • COMPLETE FISH TANK ACCESSORIES ITEMS – The fish tank accessories set includes: resin materials rockery, tree trunk rock, 12pcs plastic plants, 2pcs resin starfish, silicone sea urchin, 100pcs colourful crystal stone.
  • UPGRADE FISH TANK ROCKS AND ROCKERY – The fish tank rock is very fashion and sturdy to allows you use it for a long time, and not easy to be broken
  • The plants is very durable, because it is made of great plastic.
  • EXQUISITE PKG AS A GIFT – The cover of the fish tank decor set is very pretty, which suitable for you to give it to your friend as a gift, it’s must be a super big surprise.
  • VARIOUS FISH TANK PLANTS 12PCS – There are large and small size of these 12 items of plastic fish tank plants, 6 kinds of different plants to help you built your own aquarium world
  • The rockery is made of high quality resin materials, which is very clean and safe to use.
  • 18PCS AQUARIUM DECORATIONS: This suit is very suitable for beginners who interested in aquarium, the aquarium set meets everything you need of aquarium decorations.

25. FREE Aquatic Beauty HD – Decorate your room with beautiful sea life aquarium on your HDR 4K TV, 8K TV and Fire Devices as a wallpaper & Theme for Mediation , Decoration for Christmas Holidays & Peace -Apps & Games

By Rapid Ideas

  • High quality Sounds & HD pleasing View ( FREE )
  • Custom Musics ( PRO )
  • All Major Languages Support (English,Italian,German,Portuguese,Spanish,French,Japanese,Chinese)
  • Brightness Control & Child Lock ( FREE )
  • Sleep Timer Option ( PRO )
  • VIP Customer Support ( FREE )
  • Different HD Default Music’s ( FREE )
  • Classic frames ( PRO )
  • Amazing Special Effects ( FREE )

26. Esenlong Sea Shells Mixed Ocean Beach Seashells, 100pcs Various Sizes Natural Seashells for Fish Tank, Home Decorations, Beach Theme Party, Candle Making, Wedding Decor, DIY Crafts, Fish Tan -Ornaments

By Esenlong

  • Spray any color you need to match your beach decoration!
  • Very suitable for all your DIY needs
  • The perfect accent for nautical decorations, holiday decorations, candle making, art galleries, transparent vases, shell ornaments, shell wreaths and beach party decorations
  • Includes 100 natural conch shells, each about 1 cm/0.39 inch
  • These shells have been carefully selected and cleaned to be a unique blend of colorful and exotic shells.
  • Fill transparent vases, or string them to make jewelry or fix these mini conch on the frame
  • Great decoration for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, gardens, weddings and other scenes
  • If you need a fish tank decoration or design a miniature garden beach scene, these are essential beach-themed decorations and delightful aquatic animal toys, suitable for the “undersea” theme and other creative hobbies related to arts and crafts.
  • Used as a table spread for beach parties, as a party darling, suitable for any art and handicraft projects.
  • These shells will bring the feeling of sea breeze tropical decoration.
  • It can be used to decorate mirrors, mobile phone cases and other items

27. Natural Decorative Sandstone – Colorful Agate Stones for Landscape Decoration Rocks.Suitable for Home Decoration, DIY Handmade, Decorative Fish Tanks, Vase Filler -Ornaments

By Shan-S Christmas Decor

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28. Enchanting Aberdeen, glide through Hong Kong’s historic harbour on a traditional sampan -Ornaments

By Hong Kong Greeters

  • See the “Guardians of Aberdeen”, a tiny cluster of gods that protect the people of Aberdeen
  • Tour a bustling working fish market, suppliers to Hong Kong’s finest restaurants
  • Virtually tour the traditional floating village, fishing boats and homes

29. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses – for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka – 850ml -Liquor Decanters

By Godinger

  • From wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames, you are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion
  • Hand blown elegant whiskey decanter dispenser featuring an etched globe design and antique ship in the bottle will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience while making a bold impression.
  • Can also be used to serve water, juice, iced tea and other beverages.
  • Godinger products are available at all major retailers across the US and Canada.
  • Patented set includes whisky decanter with 2 matching globe design old fashioned whiskey glasses fitted onto mahogany stained tray
  • Lead free decanter capacity: 850ml – Cocktail glass: 300ml
  • Great gift and conversation piece at any party
  • Gold stopper adds a touch of class while keeping your spirits sealed.
  • Since 1973 Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal giftware

30. Uniclife Glowing Effect Artificial Mushroom Aquarium Plant Decor Ornament Decoration for Fish Tank Landscape -Pet Supplies

By Uniclife

  • Size: 4” x 2.4” x 4” / 10 x 6 x 10 cm (Approx.)
  • Glowing artificial mushroom offers a fantastic sea world landscape.
  • Notice: Not “Glow In the Dark”! The Glowing Effect will only happen under actinic lighting, blue or purple light is recommended.
  • Strong Suction cup base can easily suck in the smooth aquarium.
  • Made of non-toxic, colorful and vivid silicone which looks extremely realistic and natural.

31. SLOCME Aquarium Classical Resin Castle Decorations – Fish Tank Realistic Details Castle,Eco-Friendly Fish Tank Castle Aquarium Accessories -Pet Supplies


  • PERFECT SIZE – This aquarium ornament measures 6.7 inches length by 5.5 inches high by 3.9 inches wide
  • Designed for both fresh and salt water aquariums ,can adds a mysterious to your fish tank,your fish will have fun all the day.
  • CLASSICAL CASTLE – Our Classical Eastern Tower are suitable for house aquarium, they can create a lifelike world for your aquarium,provides visual interest for you.Aquarium decorations would add more flavor to your fish tank and also provide shelter for your fish.
  • MADE OF RESIN MATERIAL – This ECO-Friendly resin material non-toxic, non-pollutant fish tank decorations is safe for the fish and water quality.Hand painted with detail and is safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums,also it won’t fade when the time goes long
  • No special maintenance requirements and is easy to clean.Please conform whether the size is suitable for your fish tank and aquarium pets
  • Colourful scenery makes your fish vitality
  • OPTIMIZED DESIGN – Crafted with great attention to detail,Resin material is stable so it can stand steadily
  • HIGHLY ORNAMENTAL – Each castle ornaments is carefully packed to ensure that it is complete without flawed and perfectly delivered to your hands
  • Castle is doubled sided and can be placed anywhere in your fish tank.Great additon to complement anicent look

32. SLOCME Fish Tank Tree Statue Decorations – Lifelike Tree Wood Sculpture Ornament,Fish Can Swim Through The Trunk Hole -Pet Supplies


  • Select SLOCME Environmentally Wood Decoration, not only take care of your fish is also concerned about the Water Environment.
  • GOOD GLIMPSE FOR YOUR FISH – It‘s vividly wooden color detailed to add lively and natural life to your tank
  • Every component of the SLOCME Aquarium Wood Decoration is made with high-quality, Environmentally friendly, durable,sturdy, BPA-free resin
  • It’s safe and suitable for all pets.Designed for both fresh and salt water aquariums ,can adds a mysterious to your fish tank,your fish will have fun all the day.
  • Offers the natural environment feeling, your lovely pet betta or other smaller fish would be super happy to go in and out the tree cave.
  • The tree trunk painted detailed, add underwater nature landscape to your aquariums, and you can easily to glimpse your little fish trough the side holes.
  • SAFE MATERIAL FOR YOU FISH AND ENVIRONMENT – In life, humans need a safe and healthy environment, and so are fish
  • MULTI USE – The resin wood trunk can also be used for other fish such as shrimp, crawfish and cichlids
  • TREE STATUE – Decoration that closely like true trunk in nature
  • DIMENSION – The resin trunk aquarium ornament measures 4.7 x 4.3 x 9.1 inches, perfect for use in medium and large size fish tank.

33. UNEAK – Aquarium Decorations Three Stacked Broken Barrels Fish Tank Decoration Ornament Landscaping Over Rocks Cave Saltwater Freshwater Small & Medium Fish Garden Pond Ornaments Resin -Pet Supplies


  • 3 stacked barrels ornament made of high quality safe / durable resin material that creates separated shelter for your fish to hide
  • Barrels can be a centerpiece for your tank
  • Great for Cichlid, betta, goldfish, GloFish, Pleco (Plecostomus), ghost shrimp, crab, crawfish, crayfish, snails, dwarf puffer, corydoras catfish, loaches, and so on.
  • Each barrel provides a comfortable hiding spot / shelter
  • Hand painted with attention to detail and high quality finish that has no sharp edges for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • They are hollow but not connected internally when placed on substrate
  • This realistic decor is perfect for fish tank decorations for any tank larger than 5 Gallons and is easy for cleaning

34. Aquarium Fish Tank Decorations Mermaid’s Castle Theme- 28 Packs with Mermaid Statue, Castle Fish House, Faux Coral, Plants Plastic and Starfish Resin Ornament Kit Suitable for 3-6 Gallon Aquarium Tank -Pet Supplies

By Calofun

  • [RELIABLE MATERIAL]—Made of high quality resin, non-fading and non-toxic,suitable for both salt and fresh water, safe small fish tank decorations for your lovely fish and shrimp.
  • We will give you best solution ASAP, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.
  • [EASY MAINTENANCE]—Unlike live plants, artificial fish tank plants plastic and fish tank faux coral decor don’t need specialised lighting.They will not rot in water, no special odor,does not affect the water quality in the tank.and can be used for a long time.
  • [100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE]-If you are not satisfied with our product, please feel free to contact us
  • [UNIQUE AQUARIUM ACCESSORIES THEME]—Fish tank castle Theme,can catch your fish’s eyes; pretty up your fish tank and make your tank look a lot more fun and enjoy the colorful sea world with mermaid, They can make your aquarium more alive.
  • [ABUDANT SET of 28]—1 resin aquarium Castle , 1 artificial plastic plants, 2 cute Mermaids, 1 fish tank coral reef decorations, 2 starfish and mini artificial coral figurine with different, 4 natural sea shells and 15 colorful mermaid fish tank decorations Kit quartz ball.This sets suit for 3-6 gallon fish tank.

35. 13 Pieces Aquarium Decorations Kit, Fish Tank Decorations Set Small Resin Castle and Rockery Betta Fish Cave Hideout Coral Artificial Plastic Plants Ornament Accessories -Liquor Decanters

By Mechpia

  • It can accommodate your underwater environment, aquarium, fish tank and garden
  • Turn your aquarium into a beautiful landscape
  • Cool artificial cave decorations add a natural touch to your fish tank.
  • DimensionsSize: The castle is approx
  • 5.9×3.1×5.3In, the rockery is approx 4.3x4x2.1In, Starfishe is 3.3 In, 4 small Plastic plant is 3.9In, medium plastic plant is 7.8In, large plastic plant is 11.8In  
  • The mini castle will not fade or fade, and adds a natural flavor to your fish tank or aquarium
  • Decorate Your Fish TankThe mountain view rockery has a hidden cave
  • There are many holes for small fish to swim through, which is a perfect hiding place for fish.
  • Artificial plastic plants are soft enough to allow fish to shuttle back and forth, providing hiding and rest.
  • Provide Hiding and Hatching for FishThe small castle decorations provide a natural environment for the fish tank, including bright colors and doors, which are very suitable for home aquariums
  • Wash decorations before useRinse and soak the decaying tree trunk decoration with a small amount of baking soda or water, soak it in cold water for half an hour to clean it and make the appearance more realistic
  •  100% Safe Resin Material Aquarium decorations and water plants are made of safe resin materials, no special smell, and will not affect the water quality in the water tank
  • The fish tank decoration kit can be wiped and rinsed with water, effortlessly, providing a comfortable and interesting environment for fish, making a beautiful decoration and adding charm to the home.

36. Danmu 1pc Glowing Effect Artificial Coral Plant Ornaments, Aquarium Coral Decor for Fish Tank Aquarium Decoration 7 4/5″ x 3 1/2″ x 5 9/10″ -Pet Supplies

By Danmu

  • Decorate your aquarium all the time with minimum maintenance
  • Great Aftersale Service – Danmu aims to provide the best service to our customers, please buy with confidence ! We reply all emails in 24 hours and provide no-question-asked refund if you received damaged item or when other product & package delivery issues happened!
  • Safe for fish and suitable for fresh or salt water environments.
  • Please note: this coral is not a luminous type
  • Blue or purple light is recommended
  • This Danmu coral simulates a fantastic sea world view, adding unique landscape and vitality to your fish tank.
  • It can’t be self-luminous in dark environment
  • Do no harm to your fish.
  • Vibrant color, adds life to your aquarium
  • It needs to cooperate with actinic lighting
  • Made of Eco-friendly polyresin and silicone material, nontoxic and durable

37. WishLotus Aquarium Fish Tank Decorations, Theme Plastic Plants Fish Cave Aquarium Castle Mermaid Ornaments, Shipwreck Hideouts Fish Tank Accessories Décor -Pet Supplies

By WishLotus

  • This Eco-friendly resin material fish tank decoration is safe for the fish and water quality; also it won’t fade when the time goes long.
  • Fish tank decorations small is doubled sided and can be placed anywhere in your fish tank.
  • Looks brighter and colorful underwater add an underwater nature landscape to your aquariums, and you can easily glimpse your little fish through the side holes.
  • This aquarium ornament measures 6.3 inches in length by 5.9 inches high by 3.9 inches wide
  • The aquarium décor thematic ornaments have a flat base and are completely hollow, will sit stably on the tank bottom.
  • Aquarium decoration is exquisite and detailed, creating a lifelike world for your aquarium, this decoration provides visual interest for your fish and also provide shelter for your fish.

38. Aquarium Decorations Fish-Tank Accessories Plants – Fish Tank Decor Kit with Artificial Plants and Hideouts Ornaments,Small (Ornaments Set #1) -Ornaments

By GreenJoy

  • More interesting and joyful.
  • For the plastic plants, put them all in a basin full of water and stir till the garbage is empty.
  • EASY to MATCH: To save your time, we have built up a basic pattern which makes it easier for the newer to have a beautiful fish tank decoration
  • VARIETY-12Pack: There are 100% NATURAL RESIN MATERIAL tree trunk(one pack) and broken barrel(one pack), 1 blue or pink starfish and 9 simulation plastic plants (including small, tall, different colors and different types)
  • SAFE: Made of 100% safe material for all products, no special odor, do not affect the water quality in the tank
  • SIZE: Starfishe-3.15in x 3.15in x 0.78in, barrel-3.54in x 1.9in x1.9in, Tree trunk- 6in x 3.9in x 3.15in, 4 plastic plants -3.15 in, 4 plastic plants- 4.7in, 1 plastic plant-8.6in
  • And there will be different styles which you can try on yourself
  • The artificial plastic plants are soft enough for fishes to shuttle back and forth, what a amusement park for them.
  • SUPER SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Simply wipe down and rinse off the tree trunk, barrel and starfish with fresh water when you are cleaning out your fish tank

39. Aquarium Plants Artificial Fish Tank Decorations Turtle Tank Accessories Aquarium Decorations Betta Fish Tank Accessories Fish Bowl Decor 12 PCS -Ornaments


  • Stable: The fish tank plants are made of TPC, they will never fade no matter in hot, cold, freshwater, or seawater.
  • Non-Toxic Material: These aquarium decorations are eco-friendly products, none of the material is harmful to fish or humans.
  • Soft and Floated: The turtle tank plants are soft and can be easily swung under the water like real ones, especially you have put them into the hot water like mentioned before use.
  • Just put it into hot water (120℉-140℉) for a few minutes.
  • Note: The aquarium plants might be squeezed out of shape during delivery, but it is very easy to restore
  • Sturdy: The base of turtle tank plants is made of ceramic at high temperatures, it has very good stability.
  • Package Contains: Each package contains two large artificial aquarium plants and 10 small plants, which gives you a lot of choices and combinations.

40. Fish Tank Decoration,9 PCS Aquarium Plants Artificial Plastic Plants for Aquarium Decorations , Used for Home and Office Fish Tank Accessories Plants -Ornaments

By TF-Bety

  • 100% Money Back GuaranteeWe promise a 90-Day product exchange aquarium plastic plants! If you are not 100% satisfied the aquarium decorations, contact us directly and we’re backing each order with our unconditional money-back guarantee! We want to provide the best serve for our every customer.
  • Beautiful Fish Tank DecorationFish tank plants consist of 9 pieces, bright artificial plants add a lot of color to the decoration of the aquarium, turning your aquarium into a vibrant and colorful environment, and at the same time providing a comfortable shelter for your aquarium creatures
  • Artificial aquarium plants may get squeezed and deformation during packaging, please put into 104 – 140 F warm water get restored and soak about 15-30 minutes,which will make the plants more beautiful.
  • Fish Tank Decorations TypeThere are 9 different styles, different colors of plants.This set would fit every size gallon and up aquarium nicely,bright colors make your aquarium full of vitality.
  • The leaves part is created by environmental PVC materials and the base is made of ceramics.Both are safe and reliable
  • Easy to cleanPlastic aquariums plants decorations do not require special maintenance, smooth surfaces are easy to wipe and keep clean
  • The ceramic base has a certain stability that allows the seaweed to stand upright in the aquarium.They will neither fade nor create pollution to the water, which will provide a comfortable and clean living environment for the fish.
  • With the water swaying, the simulation plants create a true underwater world for the fish.
  • Reliable MaterialThe aquarium decorations are composed by two parts

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41. Shyfish Small Aquarium Decorations Fighter Plane Ornament Resin Material Fish Tank Decorations for Betta 3.2×1.8×1.8 inch -Pet Supplies

By Shyfish

  • SIZE3.2×1.8×1.8inch,Please not the size of this plane ornaments ,It is small perfect for a 1-10 gallon aquarium tank, and doesn’t take up a lot of room for your fish’s growth.
  • THEME DECOR:The plane is brightly colored and detailed
  • Impress guests and give realistic feel and excitement!
  • Can be put in fresh water and salt water tank
  • DECORATE YOUR AQUARIUM – The aircraft sunken crashed plane decorations painted with detail and colors, increase the natural scenery in your fish tank
  • Durable and SteadyThe aquarium decor ornaments’ flat bottom and its weight is heavy enough to have it stand steadily at one place of your fish tank
  • All you have to do is to choose a place to put, no further adjustment needed.
  • It will pretty up your fish tank and make your tank look a lot more fun and change it into a beautiful waterscape.
  • Resin Materialdurable resin made, friendly for all aquariums and fish

42. fazhongfa Aquarium Decorations Castle and Robot Dog Fish Tank Decor for Betta Toys Small and Medium Resin Fish Accessories Hideouts Cave Hide House Ornament Backgrounds Decoration -Pet Supplies

By fazhongfa

  • Detail: The fake moss makes it look realistic and its hollow inside
  • it is an amazing aquarium sculpture
  • Dimension:Height about 5.9 inch,length about 5.5inch, wide about 3.3 inch
  • The fish tank decoration is a monolithic shape and hand-painted
  • Non-toxic, non-polluting, durable, and will not fade
  • Your cute pet betta fish or other smaller fish can go in and out of the fish cave to sleep, rest, hide, play, and breed
  • Perfect for use in small and medium size fish tank (5-50gallon), and doesn’t take up a lot of room.
  • Resin Material: Use ECO-Friendly resin material, suitable for all aquariums and fish
  • If you accidentally break it, don’t worry, just a little glue can restore it immediately.
  • Long Life: The base of the aquarium betta decoration is flat and can be stably placed on the bottom of the tank without floating
  • The resin material is stable, not easy to damage, not easy to stain, can be stored forever, no special maintenance requirements, easy to clean.
  • Appearance: This is a walking tank used by the Empire to destroy the Rebel Alliance
  • it is like a fantastic moving castle that walks on the bottom of the sea and dominate the whole ocean wolrd.
  • Increase the natural scenery in the fish tank to enhance the vitality of the fish.

43. AQUA KT Aquarium Landscaping Tree Stump Hole Rock Cave Cichlid Stone for Fish Tank Decoration -Pet Supplies


  • Aquarium Rock Cave can create more interesting to your fishes, such like gold fish, cichlid, betta and so on.
  • This tree stump with fine carved making that can display realistic in the fish tank.
  • Fashion Style in your aquarium decoration, can be combined with other ornament naturally.
  • Made of resin material, high quality and durable use in aquarium.
  • Product Size: 4.72” in Length, 5.12” in Height , each package include 1 PCS Aquarium Tree Rock.

44. MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants for Aquarium, Plastic Fish Tank Plant Decorations 10 PCS (Green) -Pet Supplies


  • Base Dia.: 2 Inches (5 cm); Height: 12 Inches(30 cm)
  • Package Content: 10 pieces artificial aquarium plants
  • Main Color: Green
  • Note: Plastic water plants may get squeezed and deformation during packaging, put into 104 – 140 Fahrenheit degree warm water get restored
  • MyLifeUNIT Aquarium Seaweed Plastic Plant, made of eco-free non-toxic PVC material, ceramic base, won’t contaminate water, color won’t fade
  • Soft won’t scratch fishes, plant will swing with the water which looks real, could be planted both in freshwater and seawater

45. Fishdom -Apps & Games

By Playrix

  • Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate, play with and take care of fish—all in one place!
  • Grab your scuba mask and enjoy amazing graphics
  • Liven up tanks with breath-taking underwater decor
  • It’s buddy-diving time: play with your Facebook friends!
  • Play hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels
  • Explore an exciting aquatic world with amusing 3D fish that each have their own personality

The Brands & Sellers

Before writing this post, I did huge research to find reputable brands and sellers who manufactured the best fish tank decorations. I did it because a product from such brands/sellers would have better customer support, global support, and better warranty options. Based on my research, here are the best brands/sellers.

  • Penn-Plax
  • JIH
  • QZQ
  • RA AquaTech
  • SpringSmart
  • CousDUoBe
  • Ameliade

The Buyer’s Guide

Although the main goal of this post is to help you find the finest fish tank decorations option in the market, I’ve added this buyer’s guide to further assist you in finding out the important factors to consider when purchasing.

1. Your Requirements vs Features

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a fish tank decorations is to make sure that it has all the features you need. Also, make sure that it’s capable of doing all the things you want it to do. But, how? Well, I’ve included the notable features and tasks that can be achieved.

In some cases I might’ve not added all the features, the best way to know the offering in that case would be to check out the product listing or find individual reviews and check if the option you’ve chosen is capable of handling all your requirements.

2. The Price

If it wasn’t for budget, everyone would’ve bought the most prime option, but in a real world, all our purchases are restricted by our budget. Although, it’s important to stick to it, if you’re missing out some important features which are important to you, then it could be a bad decision. That’s why I always suggest you first make a list of requirements and then set a budget.

3. Brands / Seller Support (Customer Support, Product Quality.)

One of the reasons why branded fish tank decorations are slightly priced more than unbranded options is because of the additional value they add. When you purchase from a reputed brand/seller, you get better customer support, global warranties (in some cases), and the product quality is exceptional.

4. Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to judge a product is looking at the reviews and that stands true in the case of fish tank decorations too. But how? Well, for all the products I’ve mentioned in this list, I’ve added a purchase link, you can click on it and you’ll find their ratings, click on it and you’ll be able to read the reviews.

5. Individual Website Reviews

I don’t often do in-depth individual reviews, but individuals who make videos or blog posts about their experience with the fish tank decorations they bought. You can just make a search for the product model and add the term “review” behind it to find a few of them. Read them to get more clarity.

6. Consult Professionals or Existing users

One of the things I personally believe is that fish tank decorations experts or existing users have better knowledge about it. It’s because they either know a lot about the industry or have been using the model for a long time. The good thing is, I’ve already done a huge research by interviewing such people before making this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best fish tank decorations to consider in 2021?

According to me, the best fish tank decorations to consider this year is the Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses – for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka – 850ml, because 72% of the people I interviewed, voted for it as the best option.

Which is the most expensive fish tank decorations and is it worth it?

The Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses – for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka – 850ml is the most expensive option. It comes from a reputed brand and has additional features. If budget isn’t an issue, one should surely consider it.

Which is the cheapest fish tank decorations and should you buy it?

The Natural Decorative Sandstone – Colorful Agate Stones for Landscape Decoration Rocks.Suitable for Home Decoration, DIY Handmade, Decorative Fish Tanks, Vase Filler is among the cheapest fish tank decorations available. It’s cheap, but has notable features, if you’re planning to get it, make sure that it has all the features you’re looking for.

Is it safe to purchase a fish tank decorations online?

This is a question I get a lot, the answer to it is – Online shopping experience depends on the website you’re purchasing from, that’s why make sure that the website you’re shopping is trustworthy. In our case, I’ve already added links to Amazon which is a very reliable eCommerce website.

What’s the average amount spent by people for a fish tank decorations?

Based on my experience, the average amount spent by the majority of the people is around 20. Also, based on my experience, 80 spend this much when purchasing a fish tank decorations.

The Verdict

The in-depth buyer’s guide has finally come to an end, I hope that I’ve helped you find the perfect fish tank decorations for your usage. I’ve tried to make this list as diversified as possible by including options that are suited for diversified needs and in different price ranges.

In case you’re still unable to decide the right fish tank decorations for your needs, feel free to contact me or comment below, I’ll try to solve your query or help you find one within 24 hours of reading your message/mail.

Also, if you liked the guide and find it helpful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This way, I get to help more people and you get to help your friends and family.