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10 Best Basketball Coaching Books in 2021 [Expert Picks]

Are you looking for a decent basketball coaching books? To help you find the best option for your needs, I researched various products for 82 hours and after doing an in-depth analysis, here’s my list of best options of 2022.

It doesn’t matter what your usage needs are, I’ve made sure that my list includes the best-rated options that are highly suitable for diversified usage needs.

Although my focus has been on listing the right basketball coaching books that are suitable for diversified needs, I’ve also added a short description, purchase links which should help you make an informed purchase decision.

Before making this list, I also interviewed 27 people who have been using a basketball coaching books for years and found out important aspects to consider. After doing all of it, I also read customer reviews and made sure that the products I’ve picked are high quality.

10 Best basketball coaching books in 2022

Purchasing the most expensive basketball coaching books isn’t the best solution always. Because at times even they miss out the features you need the most. That’s why I always suggest my readers to first ascertain your needs and make sure that the option you’ve picked is able to fulfill it.

Also, I know that the title says that you’ll find the “Best” option but in actuality, you’ll be finding the “Best” basketball coaching books for diversified usage needs and budgets. Thereby, even if your budget is less, you can check out the products at the bottom.

1. MVMT Sports Basketball Coaching Playbook by MVMT sports.,Capture Plays,Drills and Opponent Scouting,Advanced Notebook for Basketball Coaches,A5 -Basketball

By MVMT sports

  • BE A DIFFERENCE MAKER – go beyond technical/tactical coaching and better understand yourself and the people you coach.
  • CAPTURE IDEAS quickly and easily – never lose an idea about team plays, practice drills or opponent scouting
  • IMPROVE YOUR COACHING – use the 55 reflection questions to go beyond X’s and O’s, challenge yourself to grow as a coach and gain confidence from reflecting on your ideas.
  • Use it while watching games on video or take it with you to practices, games or scouting trips.
  • The MVMT playbook enables coaches to quickly capture ideas and observations of plays, drills and scouts while prompting coaches to think beyond what they coach (the technical/tactical) and consider how, who and why they coach.
  • Gain the trust of players and fellow coaches.
  • BE PREPARED – be ready for any tactical situation your team encounters by exploring tactical concepts and actions

3. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play -Books


  • This product will be an excellent pick for you.
  • It ensures you get the best usage for a longer period
  • It is durable and long lasting

4. Basketball Play Designer and Coaching Playbook -Apps & Games

By GBeeGames

  • Organize drills and quickly show players what is coming next
  • Manage your playbook
  • Create your own animated playbook
  • Create plays on the fly
  • Easily draw plays

5. adidas Unisex Striker II Team Backpack, Team Maroon, One Size -Professional

By adidas

  • 3 zippered main compartments to keep your gear organized.
  • External tricot-lined media pocket to store your valuables.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Internal 16″ computer sleeve.
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel for extra comfort.

7. Nike+ Kinect Training – Xbox 360 -Video Games

By Microsoft

  • Through Nike+ integration track and get credit for all the activity you do on console or using any of the Nike+ devices.
  • Get personalized feedback and coaching from your trainer who knows you and remembers you
  • Connected to my athletic Life: Stay motivated with the Nike+ and Xbox Communities through social features that allow you to workout with your friends or as a team
  • N+KT fits into your life based on your calendar, your time and your level of commitment.
  • Get direct access to elite Nike trainers and Nike sport science to get you athlete fit
  • Unlock premium athlete content.
  • Get Attaboys and tips from Nike athletes on console, mobile and web
  • Proof of Progress: Every 4 weeks, we assess your strength, endurance and overall fitness to benchmark and show your progress over time
  • Athlete Inspired: Through Nike’s expertise we know how to train athletes of all shapes and sizes to achieve their peak fitness potential
  • Compare your fuel print to Nike’s family of athletes, celebrities and the Nike+ community to see how you stack up.
  • Personalized to You: Nike + Kinect Training uses Nike Sport science and Kinect camera technology to create a dynamic and reactive workout program based on my body, my performance and my goals

8. Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness-3rd Edition -Books

By Human Kinetics

  • What elevates this book to become the ultimate training resource is the exclusive access to the online video library of drills, ideal for both athletes and coaches
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness is the workout guide you need in order to perform a step ahead of the competition

9. adidas Stadium II Backpack, Black, One Size -Motivation & Self-Improvement

By adidas

  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel to keep you comfortable.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Dual water bottle pockets and a zippered tricot lined media pocket.
  • Zippered bottom ball pocket that can hold a size 5 soccer ball inside or be worn on the outside in a mesh pocket.
  • Water-resistant base, extra durable 3d ripstop fabric, and up to 3 spaces for your team branding.

10. Basketball Dood -Apps & Games

By mola

  • erase / undo
  • transition of the play area
  • various draw tools
  • share with other app services (ex email)
  • add in text of different size and color

The Brands & Sellers

Before writing this post, I did huge research to find reputable brands and sellers who manufactured the best basketball coaching books. I did it because a product from such brands/sellers would have better customer support, global support, and better warranty options. Based on my research, here are the best brands/sellers.

  • MVMT sports
  • Grand Central Publishing
  • MCD
  • GBeeGames
  • adidas
  • Microsoft
  • Human Kinetics
  • mola

The Buyer’s Guide

Although the main goal of this post is to help you find the finest basketball coaching books option in the market, I’ve added this buyer’s guide to further assist you in finding out the important factors to consider when purchasing.

1. Your Requirements vs Features

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a basketball coaching books is to make sure that it has all the features you need. Also, make sure that it’s capable of doing all the things you want it to do. But, how? Well, I’ve included the notable features and tasks that can be achieved.

In some cases I might’ve not added all the features, the best way to know the offering in that case would be to check out the product listing or find individual reviews and check if the option you’ve chosen is capable of handling all your requirements.

2. The Price

If it wasn’t for budget, everyone would’ve bought the most prime option, but in a real world, all our purchases are restricted by our budget. Although, it’s important to stick to it, if you’re missing out some important features which are important to you, then it could be a bad decision. That’s why I always suggest you first make a list of requirements and then set a budget.

3. Brands / Seller Support (Customer Support, Product Quality.)

One of the reasons why branded basketball coaching books are slightly priced more than unbranded options is because of the additional value they add. When you purchase from a reputed brand/seller, you get better customer support, global warranties (in some cases), and the product quality is exceptional.

4. Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to judge a product is looking at the reviews and that stands true in the case of basketball coaching books too. But how? Well, for all the products I’ve mentioned in this list, I’ve added a purchase link, you can click on it and you’ll find their ratings, click on it and you’ll be able to read the reviews.

5. Individual Website Reviews

I don’t often do in-depth individual reviews, but individuals who make videos or blog posts about their experience with the basketball coaching books they bought. You can just make a search for the product model and add the term “review” behind it to find a few of them. Read them to get more clarity.

6. Consult Professionals or Existing users

One of the things I personally believe is that basketball coaching books experts or existing users have better knowledge about it. It’s because they either know a lot about the industry or have been using the model for a long time. The good thing is, I’ve already done a huge research by interviewing such people before making this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best basketball coaching books to consider in 2022?

According to me, the best basketball coaching books to consider this year is the MVMT Sports Basketball Coaching Playbook by MVMT sports.,Capture Plays,Drills and Opponent Scouting,Advanced Notebook for Basketball Coaches,A5, because 90% of the people I interviewed, voted for it as the best option.

Which is the most expensive basketball coaching books and is it worth it?

The adidas Stadium II Backpack, Black, One Size is the most expensive option. It comes from a reputed brand and has additional features. If budget isn’t an issue, one should surely consider it.

Which is the cheapest basketball coaching books and should you buy it?

The Basketball Dood is among the cheapest basketball coaching books available. It’s cheap, but has notable features, if you’re planning to get it, make sure that it has all the features you’re looking for.

Is it safe to purchase a basketball coaching books online?

This is a question I get a lot, the answer to it is – Online shopping experience depends on the website you’re purchasing from, that’s why make sure that the website you’re shopping is trustworthy. In our case, I’ve already added links to Amazon which is a very reliable eCommerce website.

What’s the average amount spent by people for a basketball coaching books?

Based on my experience, the average amount spent by the majority of the people is around 22. Also, based on my experience, 82 spend this much when purchasing a basketball coaching books.

The Verdict

The in-depth buyer’s guide has finally come to an end, I hope that I’ve helped you find the perfect basketball coaching books for your usage. I’ve tried to make this list as diversified as possible by including options that are suited for diversified needs and in different price ranges.

In case you’re still unable to decide the right basketball coaching books for your needs, feel free to contact me or comment below, I’ll try to solve your query or help you find one within 24 hours of reading your message/mail.

Also, if you liked the guide and find it helpful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This way, I get to help more people and you get to help your friends and family.