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About Us

MAOE is the one site that you need to go to for all your daily requirements. We cover all kinds of products from electronics to household items to essential ones. We make shopping easier for our viewers by telling them the best items in each category so that they can order the same for themselves. Our recommendations are not based on any business partners, as we focus on our own researchers to pick out the best products. We have a dedicated team of experts who have years of experience in using these products and reviewing them. So, only the best of items are able to make it to the top of our lists. Moreover, this team of experts functions on its own, as it is entirely independent. They are not even made aware of the business ties that we have, and this results in very curated lists, as their opinions are entirely prejudice-free.

The best of the best

When we select the products, we overlook their prices and brands and focus solely on their sheer utility. More often than not companies throw useless features at customers in order for them to pay the maximum, but this does not work with us, thanks to our dedicated team. We have subject matter experts, engineers, scientists, and journalists who are at the very top in their fields looking into each product before selecting it. We also go through thousands of reviews on each e-com site to know about the actual shortcomings of an item from real-world reviews. Yes, it takes a ton of time during these research sessions, but they are always worth it, as our readers get to pick the best of the best. Every business needs to make money to be functional, so it is important for us as well to be profitable. However, we do not do it at the expense of our audience, as they are our most valuable commodity. We make money when the customers click on our links and buy the products. And, this is possible only when they actually like them, so we do not have any incentive to put the product of one brand over the other. It has to be good for it to work. So, this takes everything out of the equation when we stack our products except their actual resourcefulness. The products that we enlist are the very best as far as our knowledge goes, and they are the ones that we use or recommend to our families. So, you can trust them 100% without any worries, whatsoever.